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Tendts - Interview

Chris, Fotis and Elias. Tendts perform live their own mixture of psychedelic, space disco, African acid, rave. A multilayered musical universe unfolds...

Pyrame - Interview

"Physicist turned Investment Banker turned Producer, Pyrame’s emergence into the electronic music scene is a story of wanderlust, dream catching and cosmic energy… something that comes across heavily in the work he produces. "

Transistorcake - Interview

I’ve been making music since forever and I only started Djing a few years ago. Although I really enjoy Djing, creating and recording music has always been more my thing...

Droughtwerk - Interview

"From dub techno to deep melodic sounds mixed with percussive grooves, but always staying timeless...."

Emotional Ty - Interview

If you are a creative person wanting to produce, release, and express yourself balance is in my belief found when you don’t let technology get in the way of actually creating music...

Katherine James - Interview

"Before that I was an Art and Design technician for a while where I had the opportunity to learn about ceramics, the dark room, printing, wood and metal work....."

Konnektivitat - Interview

"My whole life I’ve been a passionate record collector. So far, I’ve owned something like 7,000 records in all musical genres... "

Cheryl Rose Rudd - Interview

Cheryl Rose Rudd transforms the collages into stories that tell the secrets of the psyche. Her spirit is in direct contact with a metaphysical world, where everything is allowed.


“For me the atmosphere and creating a story is important. Without that, it’s just sounds in a system without emotions. ..."

Zeitguised - Interview

We are a studio for cg art and direction. We initially formed in Chicago, had our first commercial studio in London and are now located in Berlin...

MinimalMag - Online Magazine - Special

The interview with You Man – The new project by Giac and Tepat explore new horizons to embrace the clubbing sounds.

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