CHAPTER TWO - Suit Yourself // A NEW BREED - Documenting the Rise of Creators 1

CHAPTER TWO – Suit Yourself // A NEW BREED – Documenting the Rise of Creators

A NEW BREED – Documenting the Rise of Creators The second chapter of A NEW BREED – a five part documentary series depicting Creator-instigated cultural transformations in Adventure, Style, Arts, Culture and Music. A NEW BREED is released on The Creator Class, a content creativity channel hosted on YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo, produced by FREE’s … CHAPTER TWO – Suit Yourself // A NEW BREED – Documenting the Rise of Creators

Kill, Baby⋯ Kill! 2

Kill, Baby⋯ Kill!

“Porcelain dolls by your side We won’t smile, we won’t cry Play with us or you shall die” Concept of this collection was originated from evil child horror films in the 1960’s. “Operazione Paura (aka Kill, Baby⋯Kill!)” and “Village of the Damned” were the main inspirations. Both of the movies were about kids who had …

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XY - MAX.TAN’s Fall/Winter collection 3

XY – MAX.TAN’s Fall/Winter collection

XY – MAX.TAN’s Fall/Winter collection XY is not a conformation, but a seamless flow between opposites. MAX.TAN’s Fall/Winter collection presents a concept not just simply of women in menswear, or men in frocks; it is a collection that reconstructs her boyfriend’s wardrobe, a state of gender neutralizing. The interpretation of the folds of pocket squares …

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Claudia Ligari presents her new collection FW14/15 through an innovative, interactive fashion video. Watch, record and share your own version. The interactive fashion video allows viewers to re-master the edit with different effects, choosing scenes and tones. Viewers can record their own versions and share them online. Ligari’s clean shapes slice through space with bicolour …




Susanna Liso per Le Tartarughe. Collezione autunno inverno 2013/2014. La nuova collezione autunno inverno 2013/2014 di Susanna Liso guarda alle visioni pure e simboliche di Henri Rousseau, detto “il doganiere”, il celebre pittore francese che restituì della natura una visione rarefatta, fortemente stilizzata e onirica. Eden richiama quelle forme simboliche, i suoi abiti sono espressione …

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