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DJ, producer and label owner Brian Cid took time out to discuss his latest release, his Endangered label and his love of the visual arts.

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Brian Cid - Interview with MinimalMag

Hi Brian, thanks for taking the time to speak with us and welcome to Minimal Mag, how are you today?
I am great. Just landed in Dominican Republic, one of my homelands and this brings out a very special energy in me. We came to bring Endangered to the county’s capital Santo Domingo. It will be a very special gathering of a high taste crowd.
You’re returning to your own label ‘Endangered’ with ‘Time is Liquid’, your EP’s are usually high-concept, can you share some of the ideas behind the project?
Time is Liquid is the continuation of a story that I have been slowly telling since my debut album Meteorite Man. It’s a sonic story of my trip back to earth as I land in the form of a comet to explore every aspect of being human from a cosmic eye. Light in the Lotus, Be One, We will Rise, Bluiris and now Time is Liquid reflect different aspects of this experience. The artwork, the sounds and energy overall reflect all of it.
Time is Liquid in particular manifests the understanding of the ever changing feel of time and how it fluctuates, as water does. It adapts and transforms us. Time gives us life to be able to live and heal our deepest karmic desires. I am also digging deep into my rhythmic roots from Dominican Republic and expanding my sound to deeper vibrations that will make your body resonate in powerful ways. I am very proud of this work.
Speaking of conceptual ideas, Endangered is also an audiovisual event series that incorporates art. Can you tell us a bit about this? What is your connection to the art world?
Art is medicine. Art continues to save the world when humans needs it the most. A great example was lived just now during the pandemic. When no one was able to leave their home and contact each other, art kept the world together, sane and moving forward. People resorted to music, movies, creativity and everything in between. This is why Endangered is not only about music but also art as a whole. 
Some Endangered events feature live art being created as music plays. Painters, sculptures, dancers, lights… all working together to create a world of their own. We love to bring different flavors, and all our parties offer a different experience all within the world of Endangered.
We love the visuals of the label, who’s behind the artwork and are there any artists we should be watching?
Our graphic artist is the super talented Chema Mendez, who has been working with us since we founded the label. He creates each art based on the sound of the music he hears and both him and I mold the concept together to be able to create something that mirrors the release. He uses special, unique techniques to create the painting.
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Brian Cid
Bahayibe is a personal highlight on the EP. The organic percussion and the deep piano stabs make for a really interesting composition. All in all it’s a super varied EP with a lot of different flavours – where did you get your inspiration from for these four tracks specifically?
My intention is always to paint a sonic picture of how I feel inside. I’ve become stronger personally. My character is more defined and my vision has sharpened further. My roots have grown deeper. So my inspiration came from self-exploration. 
Although born in NY, I was raised in the Dominican Republic. My idea was to bring in percussive rhythms and create a fusion and mixture of sounds that interact smoothly with each other. Also, different levels of intensity that will take you on a journey from start to end. I compose my EPs to be as mini albums in the sense that it should be ideally listened to from beginning to end in order. One song sets up to the next. There is an intro, development, climax and resolution not only within each song but also within the EP as a whole.
You have mentioned before that Endangered serves as an output for yourself, but also for other artists pushing the sound you coined. How would you describe your sound? 
It’s been always tough and almost impossible to put in words an experience, and my music is an experience. It covers a wide range of styles, therefore it can be many things at different moments. Elements of Techno, Deep House, Progressive, Minimal and everything in between. The music always adapts to the environment I’m in because my job is really to build moments. 
In the past you have worked with award winning pop artists, now you are an established underground producer and DJ. Despite underground music not being formulaic like its mainstream counterpart, what do you think are the key ingredients for a good dance record? Do you have any tips for budding producers wanting to try their hand at your sound?
My sound is built with the intention of creating a forward moving energy that helps us elevate. It can be nostalgic at times, and uplifting in others. The key ingredient is to reach high and connect to your true self. To not imitate what you hear, rather to create something that represents who you really are, because in reality we are all unique and beautiful on our own. The moment we start to imitate is the moment we lose connection to our true self. This only shows that we are only trying to be liked and to fit in. But what happens when we try? When we force? We only fall short of our true identity.
You’re originally from Brooklyn but recently moved to Berlin, how are you finding living in Europe so far? 
Curiously enough, I moved to Berlin for a complete different reason than the music scene, although music is a big plus. The city itself is amazing and offers so much more. Museums, architecture, lifestyle, fashion and music. Berlin has opened new doors within myself which I am having a great time exploring.
Lastly, what can we expect from you and the label in 2022? Are you ready to head into the new year?
We have tons of projects developing, and each project steps into new territories in the world of art. The label continues to grow, new artists have been signed, the family becomes bigger and stronger. We believe in a slow steady growth and enjoy every stage of it, as life should be. 

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