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Katherine James – Interview

I am currently based in Leeds but I have lived in various different parts of the UK over the last few years. I’m just coming to the end of...

“At the time of composing a year of reflection and learning had passed. Popularly known as Lodewyck, legendary producer Lewis Monbarn takes flight with his debut album Omen...."

“I love talking to strangers, reading people through their fridges and often dreaming awake.”

Zeitguised Interview

Zeitguised - Interview

We are a studio for cg art and direction. We initially formed in Chicago, had our first commercial studio in London and are now located in Berlin...


Mi Cupido también se droga

Mi Cupido también se droga, por desgracia, como el de la mayoría de nosotras. Pero existen esos días, ...


Kill baby kill - Collection

“Porcelain dolls by your side We won’t smile, we won’t cry Play with us or you shall die” Concept of this collection was originated from evil child horror films in the 1960’s. ...

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“I am always focusing on the dance sideline, the rhythmic part, and I imagine how the dance-floor could react to the given communication…”

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MinimalMag is an international online magazine about art, design, music, events, interviews and much more. Here you can find the latest news and interviews.

Cutting-edge live media act and glamours fashion mixed with electronic music, techno-house made in Berlin and new pop coming from Hollywood and Los Angeles. Everything with the common baseline and minimal taste.

New video productions from underground artists and young video makers, short movies and stop motion.

What interests us most is the essence of an idea. We like to get to the core and feed ourselves with raw material.


Be the worst you can be, perfection is boring
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by French Disko

Shirley Manson Is Thinking About A Solo Project

by French Disko

Shirley Manson Is Thinking About A Solo Project