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Mïus - Interview

Budapest artist Mius returns this winter with a brand new album, we caught up with him to discuss his music, his collaborations and his future plans...

Apotek - Interview

Elisa di Riccio is an established musician who took a side step in 2020 to record her own solo electronic album. ....

Jordie Hennigar - Interview

"It was one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt looking through my lens at the subject in front of me, and since I have been so grateful ever since to have found my purpose and passion so young and with no doubts that this was the path I should be taking.” ...

DJ One Five - Interview

Berlin’s Get Physical Music has been a bastion for fine electronic sounds for the last two decades...

59 Perlen - Interview

"Producing electronic music is his passion since 20 years. He performs Digitakt dawless tracks, scores ambient music for contemporary art projects, teaches music performances and co-hosts the monthly podcast “The Life Of Music”."

Sceti - Interview

We caught up with Sceti, the musical trio of Alisa Scetinina, Michael Kuebler and Daniel Varga to discuss their new project ....

Angermund - Interview

Norway’s Angermund has a new album coming on the Mhost Likely label. We caught up with the artist to discuss the music, the mountain and the things that make him tick...

Circulation - Interview

Circulation were pivotal during the 90s and 00s as one of the early ambassadors for a more tech influenced House sound....

Circle Sky - Interview

This summer sees the release of the debut album from Circle Sky. A new name to many but an act that is formed from two producers with a lot of experience. Richard Norris and Martin Dubka took time out to chat to us about...

Siamese Youth - Interview

"Music is nothing if it doesn’t evolve and “So Far From Home”, the lead single from the forthcoming album from Berlin-based Siamese Youth, is certainly about evolution."


Lee Ann Roberts - Interview

Lee Ann Roberts is one of the new breed of techno stars making her mark right now...

Roland Leesker - Interview

Get Physical director, Dj and producer Roland Leesker is a man with an esteemed history in the electronic music industry. ....

New EP - Luca Draccar feat. T.Raumschmiere

Berlin based Italian born Luca Draccar reveals 5 power tracks, featuring a remix from T. Raumschmiere, on his LUSH POINT imprint.....

Zeitguised - Interview

We are a studio for cg art and direction. We initially formed in Chicago, had our first commercial studio in London and are now located in Berlin...

Katherine James - Interview

"Before that I was an Art and Design technician for a while where I had the opportunity to learn about ceramics, the dark room, printing, wood and metal work....."

MinimalMag - Online Magazine - Special

The interview“Bonnie & die Scotts are truly the hottest new shit from Jena. On their debut they rock the Australian early AC/DC sound of the Bon Scott era with passion, originality and extravagance using piano and German lyrics.”

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