Mario Navajo

Mario Navajo

German-born Mario Navajo straddles the melodic sounds of House and Tech with a distinctive musical style that is a vehicle for his heartfelt vocal performances. Following previous appearances alongside MYR label head, Goeran Meyer, we caught up with Mario as he steps up with his own full release, ‘Me & You’.

Mario Navajo - Interview

Hey Mario! Thanks for sitting down with Minimal mag. How’s life?

Hey there! Life is absolutely fantastic! Everything is blooming and I’m soaking up every moment of it. I’ve really found joy in connecting with nature lately; there’s something about being out in the open, feeling the earth beneath my feet and seeing the world come alive that just fills me with this incredible energy, it’s like nature is recharging my batteries…

Your upcoming single, ‘Me and You’, drops next month on Goeran Meyer`s MYR imprint. We’d love to know more about this release as well as your partnership with Goeran Meyer.

I’m really excited about the upcoming release! Working with Goeran Meyer has been an absolute pleasure, he’s not only a talented producer and label owner but also someone who shares my passion for music and creativity. “Me and You” is a special track for me because it captures a lot of the emotions and experiences I’ve been going through lately. It’s a blend of electronic and acoustic elements that really reflect the journey I’ve been on, both personally and musically. I think listeners are going to connect with it on a deep level, and I can’t wait for them to hear it!

Our journey started with a shared love for music, and it’s been an incredible ride ever since. We became best friends, bonded by our mutual passion for creating music. It all began with a simple exchange; he sent me a beat and I crafted a hook over it, from that moment on we knew we had something special. Our collaboration blossomed into a beautiful partnership filled with creativity and inspiration. Music became more than just a hobby for us, it became a way of life We embarked on music-making trips together exploring new sounds and ideas; whether we were jamming in the studio or venturing into the great outdoors, sport and music became our connecting thread, fuelling our creativity and strengthening our bond. With each track we’ve produced together, our friendship has grown stronger. It’s been an incredible journey of growth, learning and shared experiences; through it all, music has been the driving force that continues to unite us, making our friendship even more profound and meaningful.

Your background is diverse to say the least, how did your love of Hip-Hop evolve into a passion for electronic music?

As I grew and evolved, so did my musical interests. I found myself drawn to the electronic music scene, fascinated by its endless possibilities and sonic landscapes. I began attending electronic music parties, where I was captivated by the energy and creativity of the DJs and producers. Despite my love for electronic music, I never imagined myself producing it. It seemed like a distant dream, something reserved for the talented few, but as I continued to explore the genre and hone my skills as a musician, I began to realise that I had a voice in this world of electronic sounds. With each passing day, my passion for electronic music grew stronger; I started experimenting with different sounds and techniques, blending elements of hip-hop with electronic beats to create something truly unique, and before I knew it I was fully immersed in the world of electronic music production, chasing melodies and rhythms with an insatiable hunger. It’s been a journey of growth, discovery, and self-expression, and while hip-hop will always hold a special place in my heart, electronic music has become my canvas for exploring new ideas, pushing boundaries, and sharing my voice with the world.

What’s your typical process for songwriting?

My typical process for songwriting often starts with a spark of inspiration. This could come from a melody that pops into my head, a lyric that resonates with me, or even just a feeling or emotion that I want to express. Once I have that initial idea, I usually sit down on my computer and start fleshing it out. I like to start by building a foundation for the song, whether that’s through laying down chords on the guitar or creating a beat on my computer; from there, I’ll start to develop the structure of the song, thinking about things like verse, chorus, and bridge sections.

Next, I focus on the lyrics. Sometimes I already have a clear idea of what I want to say based on the initial inspiration, but other times I’ll spend some time brainstorming and experimenting with different words and phrases until I find the right fit. I try to be honest and authentic in my lyrics, drawing from my own experiences and emotions to create something relatable.Once the basic structure and lyrics are in place, I’ll start to flesh out the arrangement and production of the song. This could involve adding additional instruments and layers, experimenting with different sounds and effects, and fine-tuning the overall sound until it feels just right.

Throughout the process, I’m always open to experimentation and letting the song evolve naturally. Sometimes the final result ends up being quite different from what I initially imagined, but that’s all part of the creative journey. When I finally have a finished song that feels true to me and captures the essence of the initial inspiration, it’s an incredibly rewarding feeling.

What messages and emotions are you able to bring to life with vocal performances which would otherwise be suppressed?

Often, there are inner feelings and emotions deeply buried within us which we may not even fully realise, but they are of great significance for our emotional growth. With my lyrics, I can express these inner feelings and give them a voice. Whether it’s joy, sadness, longing, hope, or vulnerability, my vocal performances allow me to convey these emotions in a profound and compelling way. Through the power of music and singing, we can connect with our own feelings and express them in a way that is often difficult to put into words. Ultimately, my vocal performance enables me to establish a connection – not only with my audience but also with myself. By expressing my innermost feelings through my voice, I can bring them to the surface, give them space, and ultimately heal them. It is a powerful form of self-expression and self-discovery that often has transformative effects on both myself and those who listen to my music.

Who are your top 3 favourite artists right now?

Ry X: His introspective lyrics and soulful music touch me on a deep level. His soundscapes are simply magical.

Natascha Polke: Her voice is powerful and unique, and her music carries an incredible emotional intensity. I love listening to her songs and being inspired by her art.

NTO: His music is a captivating blend of electronic sounds and melodic elements that create a strong emotional resonance. His compositions establish a unique atmosphere that captivates me every time.

It’s been great to chat to you! Do you have anything planned for the rest of 2024 that you can share with us?

Thank you! For the remainder of 2024, I’m prioritising some much-needed “me time” and plan to travel the world. I’m focusing on doing more of what truly brings me joy, which includes producing music and immersing myself in creative projects. It’s all about embracing life to the fullest and following my passions wherever they may lead.

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