Rising Belgian talent Melawati has been making waves in the scene through his array of modified machines and modular synths. We caught up with him to discuss his upcoming debut LP ‘Artimia’ on Ellum Audio and the production process behind it. Melawati – Interview Hi and welcome to Minimal Mag. How are you and how …

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Sean Brosnan 2

Sean Brosnan

The Future Disco album series has been going strong for well over a decade now with the fifteenth edition recently released. The man behind the label, Sean Brosnan, took time out to discuss the music, the label and the road to its success. Sean Brosnan – Interview Hey Sean, welcome to Minimal Mag. How are …

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Sam Holland

Sam Holland

We caught up with DJ and producer Sam Holland to discuss the launch of his new Heart + Mind label and more. Sam Holland – Interview Hi Sam, welcome to Minimal Mag! Where are you talking to us from and how are you? Hey MM, I’m currently in my Barcelona home with my girlfriend and …

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John Monkman

John Monkman

We caught up with producer, performer and label owner John Monkman to discuss his new single, his creative process and more… John Monkman John Monkman – Interview Hi John, welcome to Minimal Mag! Where do you find yourself right now and how have you been? Hello hello, I am good and thank you for having …

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Wael & Chris Nhii

The Sounds of Khemit label launched last year with a base in Brooklyn and a thread of inspiration running back to Egypt. The imprint has focused on various artists releases, drawing on some of the more interesting producers around the globe to further their message. We caught up with label founder and visionary Wael and …

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Ben Men

Ben Men

This year, the legendary BTRAX celebrates its 25th birthday with a bumper new collection curated by the founders of the label. We get the honour of speaking with one of the two brains behind a crew that has been at the helm of Parisian nightlife for decades, Ben Men. Ben Men Ben Men – Interview …

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Ken Ishii

Ken Ishii

Japanese mainstay Ken Ishii has become known for his distinct take on Detroit Techno, taking the global underground by storm. We caught up with him to discuss his contribution to Blumoog label head M.R.E.U.X’s newest release, his incredible career and future plans. Ken Ishii Ken Ishii – Interview Hi Ken, welcome to Minimal Mag. Where …

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The Supermen Lovers 8

The Supermen Lovers

Guillaume Atlan, aka The Supermen Lovers is one of the original pioneers of the French Touch scene. Two decades ago he released the global smash hit titled ‘Starlight’, which he now celebrates by releasing his fourth studio album, ‘Body Double’. We talk to him about the inspirations behind the LP, the legacy of Starlight and …

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German techno outfit Komfortrauschen does things live – original, unapologetic & inspiring music with traditional band instruments, used in unconventional ways. We get the chance to discuss their new LP, ‘K’ which will be releasing later this may. Komfortrauschen – Interview Hi guys and welcome to Minimal Mag. Thanks for having us! As a band …

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Oslo mainstay Boblebad is an experienced instrumentalist with deep musical roots, as is apparent with his ‘Rund i Kantene’ album, coming out on a Norwegian label he frequents Beatservice Records. We get the chance to speak to him regarding the release and more. Boblebad – Interview Welcome to Minimal Mag. In your music you infuse …

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Rigopolar 12


Mexico-born, Miami-based artist Rigopolar has built a name for himself through his unique fusion of sounds spanning Italo, Disco and Techno. He now readies his imprint ‘Tour de Infinite’ with an incredible four-tracker showcasing his signature style. We get the chance to talk to the artist about the ins-and-outs of the release and the Rigopolar …

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French DJ and production duo W.LV.S, consisting of Manu le Malin & Electric Rescue’s Antoine and Emmanuel, has quickly risen to notoriety within the Techno scene. The two industry heavyweights return to the alias for the ‘Guilty’ EP, featuring remixes from Tommy Four Seven and Cuften as well as vocals from punk icon Louisahhh. Minimal …

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