Norway’s diskJokke was a leading light of the Scandinavian sound of the ‘00s with a string of singles and albums for the likes of Smalltown Supersounds and Full Pupp. Then, almost decade ago, he retired from the scene and stopped releasing music entirely. Fortunately he’s chosen to return to the fray and has a new …

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Birds of Mind

Birds of Mind

Paris-based music duo Birds of Mind ended their year with an incredible album titled ‘Journey’. We had the pleasure of talking to them about the stories behind the LP, their productions and what’s next for their project… Birds of Mind – Interview Hi Alex & Adrian, thank you for speaking with us about Birds of …

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Martin Brodin

Martin Brodin

We spoke with Swedish DJ & Producer Martin Brodrin about his latest remix EP, his label MB Disco & More. Martin Brodin – Interview Hi Martin, thank you for joining us at Minimal Mag. We’d like to take the time to speak about the Gamma Ray Remixes coming out on your label, MB Disco. The …

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Minimal Mag had the pleasure to talk to Hungarian pianist & composer Tamás Vághy about his stunning debut album ‘Minimalism’, which drops via Théque Records today.  vaghy – Interview Welcome to Minimal Mag vaghy. Thank you for giving us a chance to talk about your deeply moving ‘Minimalism’ LP on Théque Records. How long has …

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Chelsea Hines

Chelsea Hines

Chelsea Hines is an American singer, songwriter and artist who has recently collaborated with Concret for an exciting new album project. We caught up with her to discuss the LP and more.. Chelsea Hines – Interview Welcome to Minimal Mag Chelsea, thank you for taking the time to talk about your upcoming collaboration with Concret …

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Elba 9


Canadian duo Elba are set for the release of their debut record, a beguiling eight track affair that dances the line between heartfelt songwriting and twisted electronics. We caught up with the pair to discuss their music, process and influences. Elba – Interview Welcome Jonathan (Dark Arps) & Amber (amsii), thank you for joining us …

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UK artist Laura Bettinson has been finding considerable success with her lau.ra project over the last year or so, and not for the first time. We caught up with her to discuss her music, a recent move from the city and her experiences as a new mother. Lau.ra Lau.ra – Interview with MinimalMag Hi Laura, …

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Brian Cid 14

Brian Cid

DJ, producer and label owner Brian Cid took time out to discuss his latest release, his Endangered label and his love of the visual arts. Brian Cid – Interview with MinimalMag Hi Brian, thanks for taking the time to speak with us and welcome to Minimal Mag, how are you today? I am great. Just landed …

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Leoi are a three piece making music across the continents, we caught up with them to discuss their new EP release, their time over the pandemic and more Leoi – Interview with MinimalMag Hi Leoi, thank you for joining us at Minimal Mag. Can you start by introducing yourselves and telling us a little about …

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Scratch Massive

Scratch Massive

Scratch Massive are the French duo of Sebastien Chenut and Maud Gefray. They have been making their own eclectic electronic sounds for the last two decades and are currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of their ‘Reve de Nuit’ album with a special remixed release. We caught up with them to discuss the album and more. …

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