Ukrainian artist Deenara joins the Stereo MC’s connected label this month with her striking ’Soy Yo’ EP. We caught up with the Dj and producer to talk about her music and more.


Deenara - Interview

Hey Deenara, welcome to Minimal Mag! How is your year going so far? Looking forward to summer?

Hey, thank you for inviting me. This year has been very eventful, and I’m really looking forward to my release on Connected, a very bright release awaits you!

Did you always know you wanted to go into the music industry?

Absolutely, when I was only a toddler my mom said that I was already moving to the beats and rhythms of the music.

Your music gives off a very spiritual vibe. How would you describe your sound, and what is your writing process like?

I’m not quite sure how you’d describe my sound, I guess that’s for others to decide. In terms of how I write, I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling void inside, that focusing on the idea of what I wish to be emotionally filled with gives me creativity and leads to diverse musical harmony and a unique combination of sounds.

This June, you will make your debut on connected with ’Soy Yo’. What inspirations did you draw on for the release?

After moving to Ibiza last summer, I met an amazing artist called Eribertho Cruz, and I realized that I had to make something interesting with him. The ‘Soy Yo’ single is the product of that collaboration and the record is also backed by a new solo track of mine, ‘Quiet Wilderness’.

Deenara - Interview

Some of your previous releases have come out on labels like Sol Selectas and Monaberry, what makes connected a good home for this one in particular?

I adore the stuff that this label releases, I have been following the music that they’ve been putting out for a long time, and I’ve dreamt of releasing my own there. As you can see, my dream became a reality! 🙂

On the record, you work with vocalist Eribertho Cruz, how did you meet, and how did you work together in the studio?

I met Eriberto on the island of Formentera, off Ibiza, he sang in one of my favourite restaurants, Juan Andrey. I really liked him and his voice so much that I asked my manager to contact him. The recordings of the record was done in separate studios, remotely.

You held down a residency at the legendary Kyiv club CHI. How did you first get involved with the venue and what are some of your most memorable moments?

I have a very deep and long history with this project, the Chi club is a very important part of my journey. I was working with my favorite team for 3.5 years in our previous club where I was a show ballet director, in addition to being their resident DJ. There were thousands of memorable moments 🙂

Do you have any upcoming gigs this summer?

Yes, I have. But most of them are in Ukraine and are charitable, I want to be useful to my country.

Thank you for joining us today, Deenara! Is there anything else you would like to share with us? 

Thanks a lot guys for inviting! Yes, I want to inform you that my next interesting release is June 30th on the JEHAMON label. Combining gentle national intonations with the magical vocals of Zemskova, on the lyrics of a folk song + a great remix by ID ID. I’ve spend a lot of time in the studio, stay tuned.

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