Sam Holland

Sam Holland

We caught up with DJ and producer Sam Holland to discuss the launch of his new Heart + Mind label and more.

Sam Holland

Sam Holland - Interview

Hi Sam, welcome to Minimal Mag! Where are you talking to us from and how are you?

Hey MM, I’m currently in my Barcelona home with my girlfriend and I am very well! 

There may be some readers that aren’t too familiar with yourself. Can you describe your sound and style?

I’ve always been inspired by 70s disco and 90s house music so you can expect to hear elements across both of these genres in my music. My next EP coming on HEART + MIND focusses more on my 90s tribal house influence. 

You’re releasing a new EP, The System. Can you tell us a bit about this record?

I wanted to bring my tribal influence to the table a bit more on this record. ‘The System’ is quite typical of my style with big percussive elements and stabby synths. ’No More Games’ uses breakbeat drums and organs for the melodies. Both are pretty peak time tracks but I’ll be keen to see which one people prefer!

What’s it like running your own label, Heart + Mind? What’s the projects vision? 

I love it to be honest. One of the hardest parts of being an artist is getting your music heard. So, having my own label now means I can get my music out there as quickly as possible with more control. The aim of the label is to also provide an opportunity for artists who have been in the same position as me. I really want to provide up and coming artists with a platform. 

Sam Holland - Hypnotize

What’s your creative process like in the studio and do you have any particular equipment you can’t live without?

My creative process is simple – headphones on, cup of tea and see what I come up with. If I’m feeling the disco vibe I’ll listen for potential samples or if I’m going more down the tribal route I’ll just start working with the drums and see how it transpires. I have some great gear in my studio including the Behringer MonoPoly (not the Korg but still great!) but I equally like using my soft synths to get ideas done as quickly as possible. 

How did you develop your musical skills and what challenges have you faced along the way? Equally, what have been some of the highlights of your career?

I’ve always had an interest in music and the arts since an early age. I began playing piano at 10 years old (something I love doing still to this day). This has definitely helped me develop my production skills in electronic music. I also have some very talented friends, one in particular Jansons. He’s been a massive inspiration to me and I’ve learned a lot about music production from him. 

One of the main challenges was growing as a solo artist but this has also been a highlight as it allowed me to find my own style and direction as an artist. 

Other highlights include hearing my music being played at DC10, being backed by BBC Radio 1s Danny Howard, Pete Tong and Annie Mac and launching my own label, which has been a huge personal achievement for me.

What’s next for you and the label?

Next up I have my new release The System EP which will be coming out on the 9th September on my label HEART + MIND. I’ll be purely focussing on the label in the short/medium term so, if anyone reading this has any music they want heard, please send over. I’d love to listen! 

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