Jordie Hennigar

Jordie Hennigar

Jordie Hennigar - Interview with MinimalMag

“I am from a really small rural town in Canada, I left when I was 18 and drove to the opposite coast, searching for a life that felt more authentic to me, I worked a million different jobs, traveled, started a business trying to find my identity and purpose.

It was right before I sold my first business ( a small cafe) I had an epiphany that I wanted to become a fashion designer -so I bought a camera and a sewing machine, but as soon as I picked up the camera, my life changed and never looked back at that sewing machine. 

It was only then that I was reminded that when I was little, I would dress up my friends and cousins and do little fashion shows and photoshoots and that this new career path had really been a part of who I fundamentally was my whole life.

It was one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt looking through my lens at the subject in front of me, and since I have been so grateful ever since to have found my purpose and passion so young and with no doubts that this was the path I should be taking.”  –  Jordie Hennigar

When did you decide to start Photography and what was your first camera?

“I started about 8 years ago, and slowly started learning the craft on my own.

I have been in and out of it the last 8 years due to life, heartache, mental health, self doubt trying to sway me from my path but about 3 years ago I decided that it’s time to put everything I have into it and let nothing stop me from reaching my goals.

My first professional camera was a Canon Mark ii 5D, my first camera that I ever had, I can’t actually remember, my mom bought my siblings and I a camera to play around with in our early teens.”

What are your top 3 photographers you most admire?

“Camila Falquez, Peter Lindergh, Ellen Von Unwerth, Petra Collins”

Has this particular historical period we are living through blocked you in any way or inspired and led you to new experiences?

“The only blockage really, is physically being able to travel, photograph new people, work with different creatives as much as I usually do.

I would say though that this last year has absolutely changed everything, personally, for the better even though, personally, it was one of the most challenging years of my life, the pandemic aside.

I struggle with mental health, so I was able to move through, get help and gain clarity on the struggles that had been holding a dark cloud over me for a huge part of my life.

To which I came out the otherside with more joy, excitement and truly realized that my art form is my serenity.

Which has led me to have more confidence and understanding and motivation for my work and myself as a person.”

Jordie Hennigar
Jordie Hennigar

Jordie Hennigar

What would be the setting time and place for the perfect pic?

“Honestly, I am constantly changing and evolving in what I love and the elements I like to photograph in.

Right now I have been really loving playing with harsh natural light and shadows.

I believe there are so many different opportunities when playing with this kind of light, and can bring such depth and emotion to your work.

I really love working near any type of body of water at all times, and have been really wanting to work with more unique architecture and colours.”

Any plans for the upcoming months?

“If all goes well I will be travelling to Greenland, Australia and New York/LA.

I really love travelling with my work and learning and finding new light, landscape and creatives to work with.

At the same time I will be working on pushing my craft further and really honing in my skills with photography and expanding my work in film.”

Jordie Hennigar
Jordie Hennigar

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