CHAPTER TWO – Suit Yourself // A NEW BREED – Documenting the Rise of Creators

A NEW BREED – Documenting the Rise of Creators

The second chapter of A NEW BREED – a five part documentary series depicting Creator-instigated cultural transformations in Adventure, Style, Arts, Culture and Music.

A NEW BREED is released on The Creator Class, a content creativity channel hosted on YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo, produced by FREE’s community of leading visual storytellers. True to the channel’s collaborative premise, each chapter of A NEW BREED is produced by directors spanning fields and genres.

CHAPTER TWO – Suit Yourself

Director Christina Ladwig intertwines the stories of Paul Jung and Ashley Owens in this documentary about the value of personal style and creative process. Their unique career trajectories demonstrate that the fashion world’s digital evolution has enabled creativity without compromise. Their shared ability to find a following through photography, styling, and independent publishing defies trend-gazing, and the approval of traditional media.








Channel – @thecreatorclass
Hashtag – #thecreatorclass

A NEW BREED – Release Schedule
January 13: Chapter 1 – Adventure – Featuring Ben Gulliver / Jeremy Koreski
January 20: Chapter 2 – Style – Featuring Paul Jung / Grandpastyle
January 27: Chapter 3 – Arts – Featuring CYRCLE / MADSTEEZ
February 3: Chapter 4 – Culture – Featuring Matthew Frost
February 17: Chapter 5 – Music – Feature to be announced

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