Scratch Massive

Scratch Massive

Scratch Massive are the French duo of Sebastien Chenut and Maud Gefray. They have been making their own eclectic electronic sounds for the last two decades and are currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of their ‘Reve de Nuit’ album with a special remixed release. We caught up with them to discuss the album and more.

Scratch Massive - Interview with Minimal Mag

Scratch Massive 1
Scratch Massive

What are three words that describe both your personalities?

Fun, passionate and lovers.

What does your studio look like, do you have any sentimental pieces or equipment?

We have 2 studios, one in L.A where I live and one in the west of France where we can meet with Maud to produce as well.

IN L.A, the studios is the mothership, we have all our old analog synths and drums like the Roland SH101, Jupiter 6, JP8000 TB 303, TR606, TR707.. A Pro One from Sequential Circuits, some Elektron’s Analog Ritm, Mono Machine, Make Noise synths..

In France we have kind of the same but more in a boutique version, we recently received the Hydrassynth from ASM and its a blow minding piece of gear! But definitely our fav of all of them is the Jupiter 6.

What is the best bit of advice you can give to improve your creativity?


You have a release coming out on your bORDEL Records imprint, a 10 year anniversary celebration of album ‘Nuit De Reve’. There are some highly notable remixing artists involved, please tell us a bit more about this?

This year is the 10 year anniversary of our album “Nuit de Reve” (with songs featuring Jimmy Somerville, Koudlam, Chloe, Daniel Agust from GusGus). We decided to celebrate this moment with a tribute album revisited by a selection of very good producers like Ame, Thomas Schumacher, Manfredas, Turbotito, Bezier…

The idea was to keep the same track listing order of the original album but to have them reworked by these artists.

It keeps the same mood and story telling which is great.

Have you any venues or events you haven’t played at yet that you would really like to? And what have been some of your favourite gigs to date?

I don’t really know that there are many still to discover.

Best place so far we had the best memory was Paris in the Republique Square for a Gay pride with more 20000 people in a very special good mood, Beirut in Lebanon after the assasination of their prime minister, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles where half os us is living, there are so many hard to pick but the ones you remembered were a lot of time attached to some social or politic situation which are always making the shows special.

What are your interests, passions and hobbies, away from recording and performing music?

Making movies, music videos

Do you have any more projects planned in the immediate future, and where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

We just released a soundtrack called “Preliminaires”, we have the release of the 10 year anniversary edition of “Nuit De Reve” in vinyls and digital for November 26th and we are working for some new Scratch Massive music for next year.

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