Cavego – Dovregubben EP Cavego: What it is the element you would’t not ever change in your music for anything in the world? For me the atmosphere and creating a story is important. Without that, it’s just sounds in a system without emotions.  It’s clear that your music is influenced from many things: if u …

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Local Suicide

Local Suicide

1. Local Suicide: from Cobra Wave to Techno Disco, which color would you choose to describe your music and how would you call your sound with an emotion? Probably every track would have a different color, but for most of them it would be on the either darker or more intense spectrum of colors, from …

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Alex Visani

Alex Visani

Film horror 2020 – Intervista al regista italiano Alex Visani Come è nata la tua passione per il cinema horror?  Credo che la mia passione per l’horror fosse da sempre dentro di me. Credo sia nata con me. Fin da piccolissimo tutto ciò che era orripilante, oscuro e semplicemente “diverso” mi ha sempre attratto irresistibilmente. Una …

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Katherine James

Katherine James

Katherine James – The interview for MinimalMag Tell us briefly about you, what’s your background? I am currently based in Leeds but I have lived in various different parts of the UK over the last few years. I’m just coming to the end of my studies here at the School of Design. Before that I …

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Tutta la verità su Fabrizio Corona, Belèn e Mora - tv e social

Tutta la verità su Corona, Belén e Mora – dalla tv ai social

Tutta la verità su Fabrizio Corona, Belén e Mora – dalla tv ai social Loris Lepore racconta la sua verità sul mondo dello spettacolo e della tv, su Fabrizio Corona, Belén e Mora e su cosa è cambiato oggi con l’avvento dei social Loris Lepore, 42 anni, professione? Ho lavorato in agenzie di pubblicità, di …

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Luca Draccar

Luca Draccar new EP “No sometimes yes” – Berlin 2020

I am always focusing on the dance sideline, the rhythmic part, and I imagine how the dance-floor could react to the given communication. And obviously the sensations vibrating inside. Compared to the previous album “NOORDINARY”, “NO SOMETIMES YES” is more concentrated on putting dominant rhythms, more stable, and robust. I did quite a lot of work to gain this result, and I am completely satisfied.

Zeitguised Interview

ZEITGUISED – Interview

We are a studio for cg art and direction. We initially formed in Chicago, had our first commercial studio in London and are now located in Berlin. WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LIKE? ANY FAVOURITE MUSIC ARTIST? Our studio is too diverse to distill one music love, but our work tends to revolve around … ZEITGUISED



Come può una fabbrica della carne diventare un luogo interessante da visitare? In principio ho storto il naso. Andare a visitare una fabbrica non mi sembrava proprio un’ottima idea. Poi mi hanno detto che era abbandonata da una quindicina di anni e che quindi entrando mi sarei ritrovata di fronte ad una situazione anomala, una … ALTE FLEISCHFABRIK // BERLIN

Mi Cupido también se droga - MUMBLE MUMBLE 3

Mi Cupido también se droga – MUMBLE MUMBLE

Mi Cupido también se droga, por desgracia, como el de la mayoría de nosotras. Pero existen esos días, en los que él lleva bien el síndrome de abstinencia, y tú te has levantado de buen humor, porque no te has peleado con el peine y la balanza dice 1 kilo menos… ¡Buuaa, te sientes poderosa! … MUMBLE MUMBLE // Mi Cupido también se droga