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Bonnie & die Scotts

Bonnie & die Scotts - Interview with MinimalMag

Bonnie & die Scotts

“Bonnie & die Scotts are truly the hottest new shit from Jena. On their debut they rock the Australian early AC/DC sound of the Bon Scott era with passion, originality and extravagance using piano and German lyrics.”

How did you guys meet? And how started Bonnie und die Scotts?

Ulf (Django  Boogiebastard Silbermann from Los Banditos) and I (Valerie) met at the theatre. He was engaged as a theatre musician and I as an actress. We became friends and in 2018, when we lived together in a theatre apartment, we decided to form “Bonnie and the Scotts”.

We wanted to find out if it was cool to translate old Bon Scott songs into German in our own way and to work with piano instead of guitars. We first sat in the kitchen of our theatre apartment and tried out just with guitar and singing. It was a lot of fun and we already had an idea that it could be cool.

Then our drummer Sven Franzisco (also Los Banditos) joined us.

He in turn got our keylady (Joey Schwarz) on board, we rehearsed together, and it fit.
Still in Lockdown we released our first album, and now we are really hot to play gigs again after the whole Corona disaster.

We are a pretty good team, because all four of us are very different guys, where each one can do the best for the band in his own way. The nice thing is that we all have a quirk! (laugh)

The next step will be to realize completely own songs…there I have already written lyrics, and I’m just about to create more…

What inspires you guys most during the writing and recording process. How do you start?

Actually, everything that happens in my life inspires me, and I want to try to write political songs in an awesome funny and touching way. That is a lofty goal, i know, but we’ll try (laugh).

I am of the opinion that something like that is completely missing in Germany. I think we have what it takes, and I can’t listen to love songs anymore! That’s totally distracting, we, the whole world is on the way to hell right now…apropo AC/DC,( laughs), there is a lot to negotiate!

On the other hand..without love there is nothing, everything comes from love, laughs, well, we’ll see…
And musically we already have jazzy and punky elements in our debut, and we want to play around more with these elements.. Our energy together is right, that’s the most important thing, and we will just keep trying until we have the feeling that something cool has been born.

How was your streaming performance experience at Wild at Heart in Berlin?

The live stream gig at Wild at Heart in Berlin was really great and a lot of fun. The whole team of Wild at Heart is super nice and cool…such a live stream is of course not to compare with a real live concert, where you can rock with the people. I would say anyway we are an absolute live band, so such a stream is only a stopgap, but we were happy to play during Corona.

Thanks again and best regards to Wild at Heart!

Away from the studio and tour, what are your personal passions or hobbies?

Apart from the fact that we are all thoroughbred musicians, Django is a passionate llama breeder, Joey Schwarz is a trained beekeeper. Sven Franzisco and my biggest hobby is masturbation! (Laughs)

Can you tell us a little about your project and your upcoming show for 2021?

Our next live gig is on the 1st OCTOBER at the Kubus on the Theatervorplatz in Jena, and further gigs in Berlin are planned.

We will announce them promptly in the social media. We want to play as much as possible, as I said, we are an absolute live band, there we really blossom! Let’s hope that Corona doesn’t put a spoke in our wheel anymore!
Apart from the fact that we want to realize new songs, is our hammer debut in November 2020 out, and there are still some songs waiting to be dressed in really cool videos!

Also, we are looking for a cool booker who takes us by the hand with the organizational, that would be great.
So guys, there is a lot to do, we are looking forward to the future!

Bonnie & die Scotts - Gib mir 'ne Kugel

Bonnie & die Scotts
Bonnie & die Scotts - Album Cover

Bonnie & die Scotts are truly the hottest new shit from Jena. On their debut they rock the Australian early AC/DC sound of the Bon Scott era with passion, originality and extravagance using piano and German lyrics.

They pay highest respect to the originator and at the same time create something very special.

The singer Bonnie Val Scott – at that time escaped from the Bavarian marshlands to Berlin to study acting – “got the biggest balls“, and together with the brilliant Joey Schwarz on the Keys, the legendary Los Banditos virtuosos Django BB Silbermann on bass and Sven Fran- zisco on drums, the quartet rages on stage with their tremendously danceable and soulful sound as if there were no tomorrow.

At the latest now you know these disrespectful protagonists, with a front woman who looks like Annett Louisan on speed, but rocks as if Bon Scott had personally driven into her body; they definitely do not only want to play, they bite!

Surprisingly new, and sharper than AC/DC.

IDEAL music for the stadium. Come and be enlightened!

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