Budapest artist Mius returns this winter with a brand new album, we caught up with him to discuss his music, his collaborations and his future plans.

Mïus 2

Mïus – Interview with Minimal Mag

Hi Mïus, many thanks for joining us on Minimal Mag, how have you been? 

Thanks for having me. I have had a quite intense period with the new mïus album and building and re-designing our new audio-visual setup for the new album’s release concert in December. Releasing new material is always the most exciting time.

Tell us about your name and what it means to you (and how you pronounce it!)?

Mïus was originally formed as a duo for the first two years. “Mi” means “us” in Hungarian, and the double dot symbolises the “two-headed” band. However this is a solo project currently, the double dot refers to the collaborations I am always in. I like to work in a team, regardless of audio visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, or at the moment a singer taking part in the co-production. The correct pronunciation: [ ˈmɪuːʃ ]. So not like the band Muse. 🙂 

Your upcoming release consists of 10 tracks, please tell us the journey we should expect listening to this LP. 

After the previous album (“Études de Battements”) which was an experimental beat study, the new album named “How To” is more focused on simpler beats and not over thought. We just played improvisational music for the way we dance. Most of the tracks were recorded for the first take, that’s why the album is 90% made of pure analogue synths.

The album title refers to all the challenges we have from tiny tasks to bigger issues, which can be suffocating sometimes and impossible to solve regardless of the objective’s size. Either too many answers or utter confusion. So how to? Probably the best answer is a shrug, enjoying the way that matters, and not focusing on the goal. 

How was it working with your collaborator Raf Skowroński, what are your strengths independently that you learnt from each other during the process of working together? 

It is not the first time we worked together, we did a few singles in the past. But this is the first time we have created a full album together. I am more introverted in music with a structural mind, he is more extroverted and emotional. So we make a good team together.

Mïus – SoundCloud

How do you feel when using another artists studio, does it spark a surge of creative flow or the contrary?

Most of the tracks and instruments are recorded at my studio, which gives a ‘safe feeling’. On the other hand  the acoustic instruments like drums are usually recorded in Szeged at Gabor Vari‘s studio. Gabor has been working with us as a recording and mixing engineer from the first mïus album. He always inspires me, because he comes from the metal scene, and as an outsider he thinks way differently about electronic music.

What has been your most eye-opening experience as an artist lately? And what have been some of the enduring lessons you’ve learnt over your years making music. 

I think the most eye-opening thing from the past few years was the recognition of not taking everything too seriously. I am a maximalist and sometimes it was hard to enjoy moments when the outcome wasn’t 100%. I think pandemia helped manage this issue, and its result is the new album. Also we have decided to do less but more intimate and concentrated live shows to enjoy the moment and not to get lost in the repetition of gigs. 

If you could visit your future or past self, what would you say to them?

Probably nothing, because then today’s me wouldn’t be the same. 🙂 I am ok with the way things are, and the road I had to go through.

You have played audio-visual shows over Berlin, London, Prague and Rome, have you got any shows or news that you’d like to share with us?

This year we have been focusing on concerts only in Hungary due to the unpredictable situation. We have started to take out our shows from clubs more likely into theatres and cinemas. For next year we are also planning a mini tour in Poland with Raf. 

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