Cheryl Rose Rudd

Cheryl Rose Rudd

Cheryl Rose Rudd

Cheryl Rose Rudd transforms the collages into stories that tell the secrets of the psyche. Her spirit is in direct contact with a metaphysical world, where everything is allowed.

Enjoy the personal range of avant-garde imagery mix of the very prolific English artist.

EARS OPEN Cheryl Rose Rudd

Tell us briefly about you, what’s your background?

Originally, I grew up in the UK, but I’ve been living outside of the UK for 7+ years now. 

During my time overseas, I spent 4 years in Berlin, Germany, where I discovered my creative side.

Currently, I’m living in Puglia, Italy, where I helped co-founded a creative collective called Dunae. 

The collective organises events based around music and arts, highlighting the importance of music and arts in
our lives.

What is the mood that makes you more creative?

Honestly, I use creativity as a way to squeeze out thoughts, emotions or experiences that are maybe created internally or external perspectives that have impacted me, It’s my way of making sense of modern-day mayhem. 

So, any mood is a possibility to be more creative, even the bad can be channelled through creativity.

Collage is the style you use most, how do you choose the perfect combination of elements?

My method in choosing the combination of elements is often not logical, I hardly ever start a piece with a clear idea of how I want to see it finished.


Cheryl Rose Rudd

3 emotion to describe your works?

Perplexion, rebellion, déjà vu.

What does your workspace look like?

My studio is basically a desk, in terms of space that’s all I need, however, it’s full of plants, various types of scissors and blades and an unfathomable amount of books and magazines. 

I share my workspace with a music producer and another artist who works with ceramics, so there is always a constant flow of creativity.

What makes you decide an artwork is finally finished?

It’s tough to decide when an artwork is finished because I could spend hours trying different images and moving the fragments around.

What is the best personal advice you can share in order to be more creative?

Personally, I try not to force creativity, when it’s forced and maybe doesn’t go to plan you’ll just be left frustrated, so go with your instincts. Let the creativity come to you.

HEATPUMP Cheryl Rose Rudd

Cheryl Rose Rudd

What is your daily routine when working?

First, before any kind of work, coffee! 

I take my time to get into the right headspace, then, comes the daily to-do list, I try to follow it throughout the day to keep me on track and I allow myself breaks, to regroup my creativity.

Do you have a favourite photograph / artwork / music, which inspires you?

I unquestionably get inspiration from more or less anywhere, however, music is my unwavering source of inspiration, I find it difficult to work without it. 

I mainly listen to the genre triphop or breakbeat, such as Dj Food and Coldcut, music is important whilst creating because it provides me with that extra push of creativity.

What is the artwork of yours that represents you most?

It’s quite difficult to choose one singular artwork that represents me because every artwork I’ve created carries a fragment of myself.


Cheryl Rose Rudd

Cheryl Rose Rudd

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