Physicist turned Investment Banker turned Producer, Pyrame’s emergence into the electronic music scene is a story of wanderlust, dream catching and cosmic energy… something that comes across heavily in the work he produces. 

After traveling extensively throughout Europe, with his physics degree taking him to the likes of Geneva, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin; it was at the age of 39 that Pyrame decided to take his analytical mind but apply it to a more creative and heartfelt project; music.

Pyrame - From Physics to Music

Pyrame – How did you get into music making?

When I first arrived in Berlin 5 years ago, I quickly met with a few musicians.

We then started to play and make music together. It was mostly indie-rock.

I also had several compositions on the piano and the guitar and that I wanted to produce from the electronic music angle.

I met, back in July 2017 with a Berlin-based French-German music producer, Franz Matthews who helped me come up with my first EP of Pyrame, called “A Fine Life”.

Interesting enough, things are going crescendo in Berlin, and making and producing music becomes quickly addictive.

I started producing my second EP “The Pace of Everything that Lives” along with a German producer, Semodi, back in October 2018.

For the record, I learned classic piano and guitar during my teenager’s years, spent then 5 years studying physics, before working for the following 15 years as a quantitative analyst.

After all these years, I have finally converged to making music.

Which color would you choose to describe your music and how would you call your sound with an emotion?

A mix of blue and violet, like the color of the sky right before the sunsets.


Pyrame - Producer

You are from Switzerland. What is the electronic music scene like there? And what brought you to Berlin?

I left Switzerland more than 20 years, and worked in different places before settling down in Berlin. 

I used to go out in my early 20s in Lausanne and Zurich, where I studied, and the 90’s were a very interesting period for electronic music. 

There are good clubs that play electronic music in those cities, and it was a fun time to go out back then.

Coming to Berlin was a sort of “reset” period, and I started by studying renewable energies at a Berlin University.

 It became quickly “a pretext” as I got quickly hooked up with the music scene here and decided to make music pretty soon after settling down here.

What are your top 5 favorite electronic music artists at the moment?

The four remixers of my EP “The Pace of Everything that Lives”, of course. 

Skelesys, Local Suicide, Radial Gaze, and Days of Being Wild. I also really like the latest release of Bambook.

On a more personal level, what would a typical day look like?

Wake up very early (6am, if not earlier), sort out emails and run errands until 8am, produce music in the morning, play the guitar and the piano in the afternoon, searching for ideas. 

I sometimes meet up with a friend before or for dinner, who are either in the music production or music video production word, and we make plans with regards to what we would like to do in music and in the field of music videos.

What did you want to be when you grow up when you were a child? How important was music to you back then?

I always liked maths and physics and it was quite clear I wanted to study physics. 

In parallel, I was learning the piano and the guitar and played in a pop-noise band in my early 20s. Good memories. 

I then had to make a living and worked as a computer scientist/quantitative analyst. 

Music has always been very important to me. 

My first memories were the tapes of ABBA that my mother used to listen to in loops…At the age of five, I started my own vinyl collection, listening to KISS and The Buggles. 

And then came the postpunk, newwave, grunge, nu metal, and the electronic music…

Pyrame - SoundCloud

You run your own label Thisbe Recordings. Could you tell us some things about it?

Thisbe Recordings is a brand new project, which I am looking to develop over time. 

It is a way for me to keep learning about the world of music. I am very keen “to make things happen” on Thisbe and partner up with music producers I really like. 

Music is a passion and I would like to go to the bottom of it.

Can you tell us about your The Pace of Everything That Lives EP and the remixes EP?

It all started in October 2018. We just came back from the Reeperbahn Festival with a few friends, and got a big motivation boost to produce a second EP. 

Colours (a l’infini) was pretty much composed at that time, and the lyrics and the direction of the EP was quickly getting pretty clear. 

Something more progressive and darker in comparison to the first EP. Then came the other singles : “The Fine Line Between Us’, “The Pace of Everything that Lives” and “Drifting-off-the-Grid”.

Regarding the remixes, and having performed in Reeperbahn in 2019 with Local Suicide and my buddy Franz Matthews, I asked back then Local Suicide whether they were keen to remix a track, which they were. 

They then helped me connect with Skelesys and Radial Gaze, who also remixed a track each. 

Days of Being Wild, who already remixed a track of my first EP, and whose one member is actually the mastering engineer of the EP, remixed the 4thtrack. I am very thankful to all of them for that.

How did the visual and title for EP come about? What themes are prevalent in the tracks across the EP? And how did you select the artists to remix the EP?

I like to touch upon themes such as love, life, relationships and freedom when it comes to lyrics. 

The title of the EP “The Pace of Everything that Lives” – also the title of one of the singles – is a song about life…about the time that goes by, about our heat beating. 

Until it ends.

Any plans for the upcoming months?

Further developing Thisbe Recordings and producing the third EP.

Pyrame Producer

Pyrame - Producer

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