Local Suicide

Local Suicide

1. Local Suicide: from Cobra Wave to Techno Disco, which color would you choose to describe your music and how would you call your sound with an emotion?

Probably every track would have a different color, but for most of them it would be on the either darker or more intense spectrum of colors, from dark blue to deep red to pitch black. The emotion would be excitement.

2. It’s clear that your music is influenced by many things and different styles: if u could create your own instrument, what would it be?

Local Suicide – Vamparela: It would be a very weird one, with lots of different possibilities and sounds. 
Local Suicide – Brax Moody: Probably a kind of messy one which has some cool functions but we’d use 3 times before it dusts to death. 

Local Suicide

Local Suicide

3. You had recently in your Mexico Tour an immersive time far away from Berlin: what would you love to steal there to bring in to your city?

Mezcal and all of our new & old Mexican friends 

4. Do you believe today music is still a musician affair, or what we should be ready to see in the next future?

No one needs to be able to properly play an instrument anymore which I think is a good change as it gives more kids access to the music world. Probably as usual all the established big acts and the better off will survive the crisis and be able to keep up doing what they love. For the others and newcomers it’s gonna get even harder to get attention, gigs etc and still be able to put food on the table without a day job.

5. What it is the element you wouldn’t ever change in your music for anything in the world?

Nothing! Would love to hear our sound evolve and change over time with no rules and boundaries as we please!

Local Suicide

Local Suicide

6. Do you think you could ever live far from music?

Local Suicide – Vamparela: For both of us music has always played a major role in our lives. Since we were kids we were into music, both had radio shows in our teenage years and both started djing at a very young age. We also both ended up also working in the music business (our day jobs), so music is a huge part of our lives and it doesn’t look like it will ever change. Local Suicide – Brax Moody: I can imagine to stop working in the music industry at some point but I’m sure I will keep on doing music till I physically can’t do it anymore.

7. Music and technology – What is the perfect balance between the two? How much technology influences your choices as a music producer, giving the tools to express yourself and your style freely?

The perfect balance is where the production still feels organic and you can recognize some elements or hear certain instruments but still, you could create it with just a laptop and headphones. Not sure if I could ever like a song that’s been solely computer-generated with AI etc. We are still far away from robots replacing musicians, singers & producers!

8. Which are in your opinion the pro and contra of music industry nowadays?

The music industry always reacted way too slow on all major changes (Digital Downloads / Streaming / Decline Of Tape, CD & Vinyl sales) and the distribution of the money was and is totally unfair. As everywhere else the big players make the money and the small ones get nothing. But then it’s the only job where you get paid to see live & Dj shows, listen to music all day and hang with the most interesting people!

9. Considering now the particular moment we are living, what are your thought about the near future of the music? 

Local Suicide – Vamparela: Many artists, djs concert venues and clubs are facing huge financial difficulties. If the coronavirus crisis continues much longer, the future is not so bright.
Local Suicide – Brax Moody: Basically the same – just a bit more extreme: The big name DJ’s will increase their fees to compensate their losses and because they can, the promoters are gonna keep on booking them anyways (as that’s seemingly the only sure shot for a successful event) and then try to save on local DJ’s who will swallow it anyways and the separation and unfairness goes on. 

Video Premiere: Alejandro Paz & Local Suicide - Take It Easy [AEON]

 Photos by Alexander Wegmann

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