DJ One Five

DJ One Five

Berlin’s Get Physical Music has been a bastion for fine electronic sounds for the last two decades. In recent years the label has reached out across the globe, working with artist, DJs and producers around the world on a series of geographically themed albums. The latest, ‘Detroit Gets Physical’ sees the imprint team up with local talent DJ One Five, we caught up with the man himself to discuss the album, his process and more.

DJ One Five - Interview with MinimalMag

Hi, thanks for joining us on this interview with Minimal Mag. You were only 15 when you received your first pair of Technics, what can you tell us about the music and artists that were influencing you at the time?
Thanks for having me. At age 15 I was inspired by music such as Ghetto Tech, Jazz, Hip Hop, Old School, Disco, and of course House and Techno.  Some of my favorite artists were DJ Godfather, DJ Daddyriff , Juan Atkins, Channel One, Digable Planets, A Tribe Called Quest & Donald Byrd.
You have a growing reputation in the electronic music industry and have worked with  influential character such as the legendary DJ Pierre, tell us about your journey and some of your personal highlights.
Music has always been a part of my life.  As a kid growing up in Detroit I remember cleaning the house listening to Paul Handcastle’s Rainforest

. When I got my first turntables it quickly turned into an obsession for me and I DJ’d high school parties and cabarets. Basketball took up a lot of my time and I went on to play in college and professional basketball overseas. That experience transformed the way I thought about music. 

Living abroad and hearing songs like thousands of miles away from  Detroit helped me realize how transcending music can be and how unique and special Detroit music is. 

When I moved to Atlanta in 2008, I really went all in on my music and producing. One of my many highlights is djing with house legends like Gene Hunt and Kai Alce, but it was connecting with DJ Pierre that really helped me realize that I can take this to the next level. Being in the studio and watching the time he put into this craft was life-changing.  

That led to me releasing my first EP, The Journey. Which was something I dreamed about as a kid.  
How have you refined your craft since you entered the industry, and where or who are you currently drawing inspiration from?
As a DJ, at first, I was playing what was mainstream, but over time I’ve developed a level of confidence in my musical ear, and now I play what speaks to me, and I feel like people vibe with that.  Right now, I’ve really been inspired by listening to the teachings of Sadhguru and Wayne Dyer.
Your upcoming ‘Detroit Gets Physical’ release seems to be a fusion of album and compilation and obviously follows  on the heels of the previous Get Physical releases from Africa, Berlin, India and more. What can you tell us about the LP and the thinking behind it?
Detroit artists and music have been the center of my inspiration for so long.  I’ve jived with Get Physical from Day one so to be able to bring that fresh sound to the world is pretty cool. There are so many artists, both from Detroit and other places that are really bringing it and I’m excited to have the platform to shine the light on them.
DJ One Five
DJ One Five
Which comes first when you’re producing – the sound or the idea?
 Although you’ve been producing for a long time, are there any new tricks or hacks you’ve recently learnt in the studio?
For me, 9 out 10 times it’s the idea. Something or someone gets stuck in my head and I have to find the right sounds to do justice to the idea. There is always something to be learned in the studio. Lately, I’ve learned the importance of being flexible in the process. I encourage anyone going into the studio to be led by the music. Release control.
It has been noted that one of your visions is to share and introduce your sound to young urban communities, how are you actively pursuing this dream?
Going back to the Detroit Gets Physical release, we’re featuring some really dope artists who will certainly be the future of Electronic music. Anytime you get to work with people there is a transfer of energy, sound, creativity and I hope that people from communities like mine take it and run with it. I also have an apparel brand Dexter Alum, that has been well received from listeners.
Can you describe your life using album titles?
That’s a really good question. I would say The Dramatics: Album titled ” The Joy Ride” and Donald Byrd’s A New Perspective.
What else do you have planned for the year ahead.
I’m working on a few things, I just moved to Las Vegas so getting into the music scene here has been fun,  I am  working on curating a monthly event in Detroit that will showcase underground Detroit artists and international DJs.


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