Goeran Meyer

Goeran Meyer

Goeran Meyer is a DJ, producer and the man behind the MYR label, we caught up with him recently to chat about his latest EP.


Goeran – Interview with Minimal Mag

Hi Goeran, welcome to Minimal Mag. Where are you based and how has life been for you over the last 18 months?

First of all, many thanks to Minimal Mag for the invitation and the opportunity to conduct this interview with you. I currently live near Fulda which is about an hour away from Frankfurt am Main. 

The music scene here in the region is not that well established and there are only a few people who are doing anything with electronic music. 

The last 18 months have made me very thoughtful and have left their mark on each and every one of us. This disruption to public life has presented us all with very big challenges. 

I have used the time creatively and spent a lot in the studio working on new music. 

This resulted in new releases for MYR and also some other great projects.

You have been releasing consistently on your MYR label for some years now, what can you tell us about the label and why you chose to go down the self releasing route?

MYR is a platform for creative people who want to make music. 

With the foundation of the label in 2016, the project has grown with every challenge and we are very proud to hopefully inspire the electronic community with every single release. 

The support and positive feedback that reaches us is our drive as well as our own enthusiasm for the scene. On October 1st our 23rd release “Their Temple Is The Tent” will be released which will be available exclusively on Beatport for 2 weeks. 

A big thanks goes out to John Digweed from Bedrock for his support of the new EP in his sets. 

More info about the project and updates can be found on our website and social media accounts.

Your latest release is titled ‘Their Temple Is The Tent’. What’s the meaning behind the name and what can you tell us about the record?

For this new EP it was important for me to get back with more deep and cinematic soundscapes. Whether DJing, producing or playing live, my approach to music is to always transport you through an ever-changing landscape of audio sculptures.

After our last ‘Push and Hold’ EP back in July, it’s a pleasure for me to continues to explore fresh new sounds on this latest effort.

While walking around my home town a slogan at one of the houses caught my attention: ‘Their temple is the tent’.
It fits perfectly into the world we are living in right now. 

Everybody dealt differently with the situation of the last year. Some tried to fit in and others tried to live in their own world like in a tent.

Goeran – Interview

You’ve a fairly long-standing in the dance music scene a producer, DJ and also club promoter. Can you share with us some of your personal highlights?

I’ve had so many personal highlights over the years, many of them will stay with me forever. I like to remember the many nights as a teenager in the old Tresor Berlin. 

This place was simply magical and the parties at Globus on Sundays were legendary. 

The many open air events around Berlin like for example at the airfield Werneuchen or Sommersafari in Spreenhagen. 

Not to forget the great events of the Bayou Crew from Erfurt. 

And the nights at the Rave on Snow Festival together with Pascal FEOS and Kerstin Eden are moments for eternity. 

A big thank you at this point to Frankfurt to the dear Kerstin Eden.

Who are the artists that have inspired you the most, and why? And what are the 3 albums you could ’t live without?

Some of the artists that have impressed me with their sets, skills and live performances are Charles Siegling, Bad Boy Bill, Jeff Mills, Sebastian Devaud or Octave One. 

Watching these guys play is just incredible. But the person with the most musical influence is and remains Pascal FEOS. 

It still makes me sad every day to have lost him as a friend, mentor and motivator. 

I miss him and his human positive way very much. JÀMAS take care of yourself!

Michael Jackson – Thriller Pascal FEOS – Self Reflexion Blumentopf – Kein Zufall

Away from the studio and DJ booth, what gives you most pleasure in life?

Many things apart from music give me pleasure every day. 

It’s important to be active and do sports outside of the studio to clear my head for creative work. 

Currently I’m playing more basketball again, but also running and swimming are a good balance. 

Since last year I’ve been actively trying to take a kite surfing course, but so far I haven’t succeeded due to the wind conditions. 

But maybe it will work with the next attempt. We stay patient.

What have you got planned for the year ahead?

There are one or two releases planned on MYR this year but we don’t have any time pressure. 

That’s why it’s good to be able to act as an independent label and to be able to arrange the work independently without any guidelines or fixed deadlines. 

We are currently planning a label meeting where we will have a good time together to work on musical works. 

The rest will be up to us. Thanks for the time and stay healthy.

Goeran – Links

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