Droughtwerk: which color would you choose to describe your music and how would you call your sound with an emotion?
Grey and joy.
What influences you when you make music?
My studio and maybe the night before in Berghain.
What music do you listen to when at home?
I have to listen to my girlfriend’s music. 😀
What is the best personal advice you can share in order to be more creative?
Buy a synthesizer. 
Do you believe today music is still a musician affair, or what we should be ready to see in the next future? 
Yes, of course, I hope so. I saw some paintings created from computers, if I imaging if the same programs will do music it would sound terrible. You need a soul to do music.
What is the element you wouldn’t ever change in your music for anything in the world?
My modular system. It makes things excited, spontaneous, and unexpected.

Droughtwerk - DJ Producer

Music and technology – What is the perfect balance between the two? How much technology influences your choices as a music producer, giving the tools to express yourself and your style freely?

For techno, you definitely need both. The technology makes the sound first and brings the surprising unexpected, and then you need someone who packs everything together. 

Preferably with a plan of how it should work later in a club.

Which are in your opinion the pro and contra of the music industry nowadays?
There will be always a pro and contra. I’m trying not to think about it too much. 

The music scene has always been very creative and will not be destroyed by too many bad influences, like maybe too hyped superstars or overrated festivals.

Rather they will reinvent themselves. Maybe there is one thing that gets too much attention. This social media madness could slowly wear off.

Droughtwerk - SoundCloud:

Considering now the particular moment we are living, what are your thought about the near future of the music? 
It’s hard to say. First of all, I hope most of the clubs will survive the corona crisis.

I think the government could have done more for them. It is also difficult to say how many DJs will survive.

If there are fewer clubs in the end and the agencies are already hot for the big names, the scene will withdraw more into the illegal underground raves.
But in any case, it will exist.
 Could you please tell us more about your upcoming release Nerding?
Nerding was really fun. There I was in a flow. The first ep Exit Burdock took a lot longer to sound the way I want it to.
For Nerding I bought two or three new things for the studio to improve the sound.
I think it sounds a little fresher than the first one. But I’m in love with both for sure.
Shoutout to my man xlr1507 at this point he is always there to answer my silly questions. He helped a lot and we started the project together.
This is also the reason why he always appears in the background of most photos.  
Any plans for the upcoming months?
Hope I’m ready in October with the DWK003.
"From dub techno to deep melodic sounds mixed with percussive grooves, but always staying timeless"



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