Emotional Ty

Emotional Ty

Emotional Ty - Interview with MinimalMag

Which color would you choose to describe your music and how would you call your sound with an emotion?

A faded mixture between Magenta, Erika and Orchid Pink (Shout out to MTN Colors) Emotion wise all tracks I do have their own sound most of the time, so sometimes I’d describe my music as happy, sometimes melancholic, other times sad but for most part just vibey.

3 words to describe your music?

Pretty Damn Good. Haha, all jokes aside I couldn’t possibly describe any music with only 3 words, let alone the stuff I do myself. I like to analyze music to the core whenever anyone is up for it.

What is your routine when creating a new track?

Sit down with the drummachine and create a good kick to build the track around, which can take a while as I really enjoy shaping kickdrums. After that it’s either on to a bassline, some chords or a pad. 

More often than not the bassline is what gets to decide what kind of track it will be and the arrangement is done right away. After getting some melodies down I add hats, snares, percs and what not. 

Mixing is done along the way, but the final mixdown can obviously take days.

Music and technology – What is the perfect balance between the two? How much technology influences your choices as a music producer, giving the tools to express yourself and your style freely?

As it’s electronic dance music we’re talking about here, technology plays quite a big part for me, but in general it’s not crucial. You can make some nasty beats using a field recorder and whatever free online software you can find for example. 

If you are a creative person wanting to produce, release and express yourself balance is in my belief found when you don’t let technology get in the way of actually creating music. 

Again, for me it’s pretty important to be able to use certain gear to get the sound I want, so a fair amount of technology does definitely influence my choices.


Emotional Ty
Emotional Ty

What is the best personal advice you can share in order to be more creative?

3 scenarios: If you are ever stuck in a writers block, don’t be like me and freak out thinking that you’ve lost your ability to make music and will never produce anything ever again. 

Instead, just do something else and eventually inspiration will come back when you least expect it. 

If you feel like producing but don’t have the energy to go into the studio, simply do something music related, like listen to tracks with the sound you’re aiming for, watch some nice producer features on YouTube or just kick back with a mix in the background while you scroll through the Instagram feed of your favorite artist. When I do either one of these things when feeling uninspired I always get up and get to it in the end.

If you are in the studio ready to make a hit but just need to be a little bit more creative, just have yourself a big ass cup of coffee and wait it out for about half an hour. I assure you that magic will happen.

What is the situation where you’ve always dreamed of playing?

I wanna play everywhere when Corona times are nothing but a bad memory, so currently dreaming of just being able to actually perform again. There are a lot of cool locations where it would be fun to play for a super receptive crowd at some point.

Emotional Ty - SoundCloud

Which are in your opinion the pro and contra of the music industry nowadays?

Pros are probably that there are many ways to get your music heard, like through all the various streaming platforms and millions(literally!) of hungry record labels out there. 

Which is also part of the cons as a lot of releases are drowning in the ocean of new stuff popping up every week. 

It’s a ”take-the-bad-with-the-good”-kind of situation in my opinion. 

Self releasing on vinyl has been a major tool for me through the years.

Considering now the particular moment we are living, what are your thought about the near future of the music?

This situation will be over sooner or later. The surviving venues will re-open and new ones will be born, festivals will take place again and rest assured that this pandemic will bring A LOT of new music out into the light.

What I think and hope will happen is that the industry will go into next year with a whole bunch of new lessons learned from 2020 and it will most likely strengthen the community since we have all been affected in one way or another and come out of it with a mutual understanding of one anothers situation.

Could you please tell us more about your lastest release Roses & Aliens?

It certainly made me find my way back to the softer and more melodic side of things.

The last track, Edge Of The Horizon, actually came out of a hardcore writers block a while after the first 3 were made during a one week session.

They were the kind of tracks that just write themselves. For the A-side I never even thought of not releasing Mountains & Rivers and Dream Journal together.

It was obvious the whole time. The inital idea for the B-side was that it was supposed to sound completely different than side A to get a two-in-one kind of experience, so there was another track to go with Edge Of The Horizon, but in the end Body Meridian was the perfect bridge over to the finale and there are now new plans for the other one.

To be honest I’m really proud of this release and it’s so great to finally get to present it.

Any plans for the upcoming months?

Just continue working on new material for 2021 (hopefully sooner), both collabs with friends as well as my own stuff.

Got a lot of new music in the making that I’m very excited to share when the time comes.

There will also be a free digital release available on my Bandcamp soon, consisting of tracks made late last year. Straight up house music.

Emotional Ty
Emotional Ty

Emotional Ty - Interview for MinimalMag

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