Gioal DJ Producer

Gioal - DJ Producer

Gioal: What is your preferred tool to work within the studio?

At the moment I’m regularly using the Vermona launch filter, I love the random possibilities that you can reach every time you use it, It’s very versatile and at the moment vital in my productions.

I do use the mic to record instruments, voices or simply soundscapes, which I blend into my productions.

Is there a music producer working in the industry today that has inspired you the most?

Absolutely, Jichael Mackson is a producer from South of Germany, his productions have taught me a lot, especially to help me to discover and go deep in the realm of minimal music.

Gioal Dj Producer

A blender of atmospheres with roots deep into jazz and Blues Gioal finds his balance in Minimal and House. Being a musicians him self he tries as much to keep the “human” touch in his productions, gaining the support of Francesca Lombardo in his most recent releases.

Gioal - DJ Producer

How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?

I started producing music when I was quite young, I started playing the trumpet at first and finally got into making music electronically, which began in the genre of downtempo.

From a young age, I grew up close to an Indian Ashram based in Puglia, I think that regularly being around Indian music played in ceremonies has imprinted on how I produce rhythms, warm and tribal.

After many years I decided to study music production at Dbs University in Berlin, which due to it’s free environment gave me the possibility to experiment with different genres and broaden my taste in music.

Gioal DJ Producer 2
Gioal DJ Set

Is there a hidden meaning behind the music you produce? If so what are you trying to transmit to the listener?

I don’t think there are proper hidden meanings in my productions, for me the combination of sound and movement already holds plenty of meaning. My main purpose is to produce/play music that connects and stimulates those listening.

What are you doing at the moment in and out of the studio?

In the studio at the moment, I’m testing out some new machines to enhance my productions, I’m constantly looking for new sounds to create new vibes, mixing melodies and rhythms together to build texture in my tracks.

Whereas, outside of the studio, I am one of the co-founders of a creative collective called Dunae based in Puglia, IT.

Dunae collective is a creator of events that blend music, art and performance into a fully immersive experience, one of my main roles within the collective is primarily public relations and coordinating the music aspect of the events.

How do you recharge your creative batteries?

I wish there were a standard way to recharge creativity, but frankly most of the time I take a break from the music process and focus on other things and after the inspiration reappears by itself.

I find a pause is necessary so that once I reopen a project or start a new one I have the mental space to be creative.

Gioal - DJ Producer

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Gioal - DJ Producer

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