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Luca Draccar new EP “No sometimes yes” – Berlin 2020

Berlin techno DJ Luca Draccar new EP “No sometimes yes” – All you need to know

“NO SOMETIMES YES” is your new EP out on 17th January 2020 – What is your album inspired by?

I am always focusing on the dance sideline, the rhythmic part, and I imagine how the dance-floor could react to the given communication. And obviously, the sensations vibrating inside. Compared to the previous album “NOORDINARY”, “NO SOMETIMES YES” is more concentrated on putting dominant rhythms, more stable, and robust. I did quite a lot of work to gain this result, and I am completely satisfied. 

Which track of the EP is your favorite?

I am particularly a fan of “BLACKOUT” because I like the architecture with which it was built, the various relevant phases I put at different times, coming mainly from my technical evolution. There are squares that develop, parallelepipeds that lengthen, and some circles that bring short state of tranquility. But is the nervousness that points straight ferocious and whips till the last second.

Luca Draccar
Luca Draccar

What is your favorite tool to work with?

Different things, a lot of chaos and chaotically way of proceeding among instruments. But the timeline is the death of my chaos, the moment of truth. No halfway.
Because the dominant idea for me is always that technique leave me the possibilities of a rough sculptor. So if it works, it works, if not I just step further to something else, without waiting too long. I don’t want to lose the feel I am running with, and keep the vibe smashing.

I like to think of instruments like gypsies without a destination or tomorrow. And Ableton Live is like a sculpturing software, which smoothly interacts with everything, melting down.

New EP “No sometimes yes” by Berlin techno DJ Luca Draccar

What do you think of today’s music?

Good question… 🙂 I guess we live the era of the post-music, and it somehow like religion stifles critical thinking.

I noticed some “vintage” on a few today’s dance music scene, in the sense of the proposed message, it sounds as it was in the past, but it doesn’t drive me that much. Outside dance, I guess there are not running many new genres. We live the era of the infinitive technologically possibilities, but the time when nothing really new was born. When I was a child, I was very interested in music and movements ( rap, hip hop, rock, punk, heavy metal, ragamuffin, gothic, electronic … ) and each style has his own uniform and clothes. Now I am pretty deep with my musical world because I think I have always extravagant and very precise requests from my tracks.

This makes me happy. And sometimes unhappiness is needed too to understand joy, doubt to understand the truth.

What is music for you? And what do you do for your music?

Music for me must be loved with the attention of a prince and the passion of a pirate. Passion is the only thing who makes the difference. Because if you use too much a logical way of thinking during making music, this will take you away from producing magic. Or producing at all. You should really take your pleasure seriously, especially on the artistic side if you wanna get the liquid sensation to be wet by the sound you are making.

The media usually describes you as dark, sinister, eclectic and at the same time shining, brilliant and exotic. Do you find yourself in those adjectives?

It is contradictory as definitions I know, I admit it.
But I think it is appropriate too if the contradictions work well together.
Hence, the name of the album, No Sometimes Yes.

Luca Draccar new EP "No sometimes yes" - Berlin 2020 1
Luca Draccar

What do you think will be electronic and techno music in the future?

I believe electronically speaking that everything is possible, the impossible is even more possible, and for this reason, when I land somewhere far away, it is always the most exciting moment. Because if the place surprises me, it means that it works.
Thinking about the future of electronic or techno is like a game, in fact, what exists most complex of a game? 
Fading or be affected by the time passing by is not a futuristic vision for me.
I can imagine the next generation of music software, they could be like video games. I can imagine making music could be so funny, immersed and incredible liquidly.

Luca Draccar new EP "No sometimes yes" - Berlin 2020 2
“No sometimes yes” –
Luca Draccar

New EP “No sometimes yes” by Berlin techno DJ Luca Draccar

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