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The Supermen Lovers

Guillaume Atlan, aka The Supermen Lovers is one of the original pioneers of the French Touch scene. Two decades ago he released the global smash hit titled ‘Starlight’, which he now celebrates by releasing his fourth studio album, ‘Body Double’. We talk to him about the inspirations behind the LP, the legacy of Starlight and much more.

The Supermen Lovers
The Supermen Lovers

The Supermen Lovers - Interview

Hi Guillaume, thanks for speaking with us at Minimal Mag – how are you today?

I’m ok today! I am in Moldova for 3 weeks because the family of my wife is living there and we needed to check if everything was ok with the war which is not far. Anyway… there s a big sun and everything is cool!

You are releasing your fourth studio album called ‘Body Double’ on Word Up & La Tebwa Records. Can you please tell us something about the two labels and their relation to you?

Word Up records is my own label. I created it in 2013 to produce my own records. I also released on my label some other projects I’m doing under différents names such as « Entschuldigung » or « Roommates ». I also have released some friends’ projects under « Neumodel ».

La Tebwa is the label of my business partner Romain Coulon. We co-published together all « The supermen Lovers » music and he s in charge of the release of my records: marketing/distribution etc… it’s a good partnership and we work together for almost 20 years now.

What can you tell us about the production process behind the LP?

I have changed my production process a lot since 2015. I used to be an analog radicalist. But in 2015, I decided to sell all my analog machines to go digital. Then with time I began to go back to analog and for this 4th album, I have used a mix of both. For example, I’m mixing for bass a sub phatty and some plug-ins like Sylenth or nexus to add dynamics to the beautiful sub of the Moog.

You were inspired to write the LP during your frequent travels to Kyiv. What brought you to the Ukrainian capital so often?

At the beginning of 2018, I had the feeling that I needed to live new experiences, and new emotions to share with people through my music. I was tired of telling the same things. One day, in June 2018, I took my bag with a few tee shirts, my laptop, and one little R3 Korg and went to Roissy CDG (Paris airport). There I looked at the departures and decided to go to…. Kyiv without any particular reasons. I stayed there for almost 2 years, coming back to Paris sometimes to work on the production of a new album. I have met incredible artists because Kyiv is an artistic city. I could feel the same vibe we used to have in Paris in the 90s. It was crazy. I produced a project called « Kill this Kant » there with my bro Dmytro Vasilets ». I have also lived some intense relationships that brought me new emotions. Everything is very intense there and it was perfect to feed my soul.

The Supermen Lovers - You Can Go Out And Play In The Snow

I know it’s a sensitive subject but would you like to share some thoughts on the horrible war happening right now?

My thoughts are not very different to most people’s. I m shocked and revolted. I saw all of my artist friends exchange their keyboards for an ak47. Guys like you and I who had to go to war. Strange… I have tried to help the best I could. But it s more a frustrating feeling I have… because I could not do a lot except help some people travel through to the rest of Europe.

You are a crucial artist that shaped the French touch scene. What is it like being one of the pioneers of the genre and can you please tell us something about its heyday?

I am proud that for some people I am part of the french house pioneers. At that time, Paris was incredible. There was a powerful creative energy in the 90s. I jumped on it. For me, it was obvious that something was happening in Paris. The feeling I remember during the heyday of french touch is… Hope. And it is what I felt when I was in Kyiv in 2018 & 2019.

Out of all the destinations you’ve performed at, which are your favourite?

I think I loved all destinations. Every country has its own beauty and there are good people everywhere even where you don’t expect them. But I have a particular thought for Georgia, I have played there every year since 2002. Also, Spain and the UK where party people are the best party people in the world!

What’s next for The Supermen Lovers?

Enjoying the promo for Body Double. Lots of gigs for summer and autumn. I should also move abroad with my family. A more sunny country than France. I need sun now! I’m getting older 😂 …. But better 😉

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