German techno outfit Komfortrauschen does things live – original, unapologetic & inspiring music with traditional band instruments, used in unconventional ways. We get the chance to discuss their new LP, ‘K’ which will be releasing later this may.


Komfortrauschen - Interview

Hi guys and welcome to Minimal Mag.

Thanks for having us!

As a band your music draws from a very diverse sonic palette – which artists have influenced you most?

When we started off we were inspired by minimal techno from artists such as Efdemin, Trentemöller and Robag Wruhme but soon discovered darker and harder styles and started to listen to Marcel Dettman and of course the Detroit origins. We love Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, Claude Young Jr. Apart from those techno artists we also draw inspiration from other musical genres like jazz, house, rock, pop, hip-hop, and indie.

With a unique sound that seems to span many genres from hard acid and techno to ‘garage rock’, how do you see your sound evolving in the future?

Interesting question! We don’t know yet. At the moment we equally like modern cutting edge artists like La Fraicheur but also the oldschool stuff. We’re happy that we developed our sound and that we were able to make it „dance floor proof“! DJs are playing our tracks now… this hasn’t always been that way.

What drives you to create music? How does the creative process work in a trio?

We jam a lot! Plus we record all the jam sessions and then check if we like a certain part. So improvisation and spontaneous reactions are super important for us even though we play techno and not jazz!

The live electronic scene is quite niche, what is it about live shows that are so special to you?

We think watching a live band is more interesting than watching a DJ. You can see how the music is created live from scratch. There is a different energy on stage! But we love DJs and we have nothing but respect for all the DJs that paved the way to make techno such a big and diverse scene.

Komfortrauschen - Music Video

Over the last 10 years you have honed your craft as a band and are set to release your hugely-anticipated debut album ‘K’. How does this album differ from your previous releases?

It’s definitely more electronic, more techno. We worked together with Leonard De Leonard who is a great techno producer and mixing engineer. He helped us a lot defining our sound and was always there for us when we needed a mother opinion or creative input. We always had in mind that we wanted this album to be played in clubs.

Is there a particular track from the new album that holds a special place in your heart?

“Gym” is really special because we wrote and recorded that track remotely. Because of the pandemic we had to quarantine but that didn’t stop us from being creative. Then we mixed and edited all the files with Leonard, but we were not sure if the track would work live on stage. When we had our first rehearsal back together we really were surprised how well it worked!

In the past you’ve played some iconic venues such as Kantime am Berghain, Sisyphos and many big festivals around the world. How important is space in a live music setting, do you prefer large venues or more intimate ones?

We love both. A large stage on a big festival needs a different performance. Everything needs to be big, in a way every movement has to be large. Small, packed and sweaty clubs with low ceilings are completely different. They’re fun because sometimes there are people screaming at you and you can almost touch the energy!

What does your software/hardware set up look like at the moment?

On stage there is no computer. We use the Elektron Octatrack to sync all time based effects and for the click track. Also sometimes there are samples coming from the Octatrack.
We also use a sample pad for classic techno sounds such as claps or certain vocal samples.
All the guitar sounds are processed by stomp boxes such as Empress ZOIA or Meris Enzo. Both guitar and bass use the Source Audio C4 synth for monophonic synth sounds. We send the signals through analogue filters, overdrives and distortion pedals to make everything sound more lively. Then we add chorus, delays, reverbs, and other modulation effects coming from either the Line 6 HX Stomp or the ZOIA. And let’s not forget Cookie! He is our sound engineer and he’s responsible for our punchy live sound.

What does the future look like for Komfortrauschen, anything in the pipeline?

We got a lot of plans! After our album release on May 27th we will be releasing another track on Second State this summer, and in September there will be another EP. There will also be remixes of “Kapital” and other tracks of the album. So stay tuned!

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