You Man

You Man

You Man – The new project by Giac and Tepat explore new horizons to embrace the clubbing sounds.

You Man - Interview with the french duo

Where did you guys meet and how did you decide to start ‘You Man’? And how did you decide on the name?

We met in Calais, a very small city in northern France.

There was a wooden club on the beach called “Planet Circus”, and we spent a lot of time there when we were teenagers. That place was very strange!

It was like a very big wooden cabin in the middle of a desert.

We discovered house, techno, and many other types of electronic music there.

We started making music together 20 years ago and we’ve never stopped making music together since.

And one day, ‘You Man’ arrived.

How and when did you get into djing and decide to start making music?

We started to play together around 2005.

It was in a small club in Lille, SuperMarket, which was 150 meters from our home. 

We didn’t even know how to mix, so we prepared almost ready-made sets of music, editing the mixes like mashups, like the 2 many dj’s did.

It took a long time, but we had a lot of fun 🙂

What is your routine when creating a new track?

We create a lot of small loops, from 20 to 30 sec maximum.

Loops that we make do almost everywhere, in the studio, in a park, on the train. 

It’s even better if you see the decor moving while we play, the movement is very inspiring.

We then choose the one we prefer and which seems to have the most material and after that we finish the structure and the mixing in the studio.

A certain form of innocence and condor are very important in creation, and therefore we try to keep a certain naivety in our way of composing music.

What key pieces of gear/software are you using to define your sound right now?

Our configuration is very simple: Ableton Live, samples, plug-ins, Love, and motivation.

You are from Lille. What is the electronic music scene like there?

There is a great emulation and creativity between artists in this city! 

There is a big level of open minded people, self-assured creators like Kimshies, Jerge, Kubébé, Camposs, Address Hymen, Rocky, Azur .. who are up for anything, just as long as there is a good groove.

We think it’s maybe because of the equidistance of the city from England (1h), Belgium (20 minutes), and Paris (1h).

“The crossroads of Europe” as they say in the town hall brochures, hehe.

We can feel it. And we love it.

We’d like to know more about the men behind, ‘You Man’. What kind of music do you listen to when you are at home?

Giac: All kinds of music. Yourself, could you say that you listen to one or two particular styles of music?

There is so much style today that there is only one: music. And even good music! But that’s different for each of us.

But if it was absolutely necessary to find an answer, I would say that at home I listen to a lot of english pop rock, artists like Damon Albarn or Thom Yorke do catch my attention.

I also really like classic music like Claude Debussy or Erik Satie, and I have a huge love for everything Agnes Obel does.

I have also been a fan of the Chemical Brothers since I first heard them.

Tepat: It depends on what I’m doing. 

If I am working, then I prefer to listen to music without too many melodies. 

There is music designed for that, it sounds a bit like meditative music, or for personal development. It really helps me focus. 

If I am melancholic, I like to listen to sad pop music like Radiohead, the Good the Bad and the Queen, Caribou. 

And if I want to have fun, I will listen to sounds from the “dark disco” scene, you could say it’s the nu nu new wave disco psychedelic, hehe. 

It’s on SoundCloud, there are some tons, I can listen to them for hours.

 Manfredas, Curses, Thomass Jackson, Local Suicide, Red Axes …

You Man
You Man

You Man


What are some of your all-time favorite music videos?

Michel Gondry Videos and the completely crazy videos of the group Ok Go too.

The clip for the song Wide Open – Chemical Brothers too! It’s with Sonoya Mizuno, the actress who plays in the series Devs!

Any hobbies /passions apart from music?

Hypnosis, dev and programming some cool stuff in the crossroads between.

We really like trying to understand what is going on in the background with quantum physics as well, and what all of this implies for the way we all live as human beings. 

The concept of synchronicity, for example, imagined by Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli a hundred years ago, has enormous implications for the way we all live together in the future. 

We inject a little of all this into our music elsewhere. 

So we love to watch a series about that, like Devs, Upload, Brave New World, the OA…

Your Dj sets are filled with energy. Some secret weapons from your Dj sets you’d like to share with us?


Local Suicide


David Spinelli

Jerge Povoa Paula

French Duo - You Man

You are releasing Altered States on esteemed label Eskimo this September. Congrats on that! Can you tell us more about it?

Yes, we are really happy to release it on Eskimo, we had known the label for a long time because we went to the huge Eskimo parties in Ghent at the turn of the millennium, and for their countless releases since. 

They asked us to do a remix for Radial Gaze last year, and it went really well. 

We kept in touch ever since, in a very organic way, and we decided to release this EP together.

And can you break down the EP track by track?

This entire EP revolves around altered states of consciousness, and especially the connection between consciousness and the entire universe. 

You know, “One” is in everything, and everything is in “One”. This is why we also use a lot of animated gifs with some fractals. 

The songs are called ‘Nonsense’, ‘The Veil’, ‘Altered States’ and ‘Mind Ballad’ because we want to share what we have discovered about the fact that nothing makes sense in itself, but we have a veil in front of our eyes that makes us believe the opposite.

Transcendence can invite us to take a step outside ourselves, as we’re in another dimension, where we can observe ourselves – like we exist and don’t exist at the same time.

Any plans for the upcoming months?

We are working on our album all the time, embellishing it as we go through our experiments and meetings. 

We hope to release it in 2021, depending on how the situation evolves! We are also working on remixes for artists we feel close to. 

We just released one we did of a Yuksek feat. Polo & Pan track, and several more for Zimmer, Kid Francescoli, Mokado, and Futuro Pelo.

We have also started the development of our interactive dance floor installation, which we want to make it totally autonomous, and which we think reflects other meditative music projects.

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You Man
You Man

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