Konnektivitat, tell us about what drew you to studying sound design and music production?

Since I was very young I’ve always been addicted to music, so when I was 16 I started to play keyboards and sing in various local rock / metal bands. 

After the bad car accident, I had in 2011 where I lost my best friend and got many years of illness I found myself alone in dark places, with hallucinations caused by trauma and the meaning of life. 

Then I decided to expand my knowledge about music production and film soundtrack composing. I wanted to do it all by myself without needing the help of a band to coordinate.

What / who influences you the most when making music?

This question is not so easy to answer. My whole life I’ve been a passionate record collector. So far, I’ve owned something like 7,000 records in all musical genres. I always need to change my influences but I don’t think I have particular ones as I take everything as a deep conscious emotional state.


Konnektivitat - Dj Producer

What is your routine when creating a new track?

I am always changing my routine intentionally to free myself of habits. Anyway, most of the time it starts from a melody or from the sound I want to get. In other words, before the track, I need to work on content. This doesn’t mean that I have an obligation to express certain content.

Which color would you choose to describe your music and how would you call your sound with an emotion?

I would say a mixture of midnight, purple, green and blue floating into the deep black darkness. This doesn’t mean that it cannot contain ethereal clear coloured moments. Emotion is what I get the inspiration from. I like the contrasts between emotions.

What do you enjoy the most besides music?

I like to read though I’m very selective, and sometimes I prefer to read a book I’ve read again instead of starting to read a new one. I love cinema history and its associated music. Years ago before the car accident, I was studying acting in theatre and I’ve been in many shows around my city. For a distraction, I like to travel to abandoned places and paint.

You are from Florence, Italy. What is the electronic music scene like there? Can you tell us some things about the Pure Signal Events Management team you co founded?

I’ve always been surrounded by crowds asking only for the drop and loving only the 4 on the floor and old skool stuff which is not so bad, but in the long term, I think every one of them is limiting his vision. 

Together with other friends / musicians and DJs, we have decided to found a team that wants to take on the “Pure Signal” of the music and the art in general which means that it should not be attached to only one thing, only to one vision or genre. 

In fact, until now we set up great events with visual projections and other displays that throw the listener into the heart of the music to understand the concepts and fly with it. 

I can remember really well the amazing nights we put together for the first time in Florence Bas Mooy, Domenico Crisci, VSK and the mysterious Headless Horseman. Now everything is unfortunately cancelled because of covid. We hope we can start again soon.

Visuals are a big part of your projects. Could you explain how you combine visuals and music?

As a hobby, I always do a lot of tries layering everything I like. After this process I let the music itself guide me on how to layer and make connections. Everything in art is always coming from deep pain and necessity. Though people that have studied art know what to do it’s always a question of imagination and the spiritual world.

You run your own label Koma Recording, could you tell us more about it?

Koma Recording is an independent label. I started it in 2013 in Firenze, Italy, to produce and distribute my own music and, in the future, the music of artists I think can join the vision. Today, I like very much the indie labels world. I support independent labels because they really let artists free to express themselves and support the scene. 

Labels like PercTrax, Sonic Groove, Headless Horseman, MORD, 47, Modularz, PoleGroup and so on did a great job improving the scene and making techno music not only a 4/4 genre for the club but also for listening purposes with a lot of mind stimulations for the listener.


Konnektivitat - Dj Producer

Can you tell us about your debut EP Immaterial?

Of course, Immaterial is my new EP which is being released May 18th on vinyl and digital. There are many concepts inside every track, but looking at the cover I painted and taking into consideration the title, I would like the global meaning to be interpreted by each listener in their own way.

The first track ‘Eternal Limbo’ talks about a dying philosopher. The philosopher is telling us the story of his life in the third person. There was a man that managed to reduce the world to pure logic. 

Looking at this perfection he wondered about the perfect ice and the perfect form. But when he tried to walk on that ice he realised that something was missing, so he fell down. That world was too perfect to let him live, so he understood that roughness and ambiguity aren’t imperfections; they are the blood that moves the world. 

As a result, he felt really free and started to live differently. But, he was homesick for that perfection, that wonderful ice where everything was radiant and absolute. Though he had come to like the idea of the rough ground, he couldn‘t bring himself to live there, so now he was marooned between Earth and ice, at home in neither.

‘Lobotomy’ it’s a physical trip into the modern human mind/body lobotomy. Its characters are repetition, electricity in a huge analog distortion amount, experimental obsession with an imperfect rhythm structure, just to give the track the life needed.

‘Man Of Madness’ talks about darkness and multidimensional demonic possessions. Every man has the Devil inside him, and for some these secrets are so heavy in horror that they can be thrown down only in the grave. The only way is to un-divulge them.

‘Tentacular Nightmare’ is pretty title-described. Is the modern man halfway between sleeping and awake On another level, cosmic floor, with all his demons, his garbage but also his dreams.

Any plans for the upcoming months?

I’m working on the next release that probably will be out this September/October. Many musical approaches and sonorities are evolving. The other goal is preparing my live setup / live set to play my music live. 

Since I am not addicted to performing DJ sets (I don’t like doing it so much) I would like to express myself playing real instruments.


Konnektivitat - Dj Producer

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